Calow Woodcarving Group

You'll get a lovely welcome if you pop along to St Peter's Church Hall on a Wednesday morning between 11am and 2pm.
The Woodcarving group meet every week and are looking for new members. You don't have to have any experience - or tools to start with – as you will be able to borrow some during the class until you feel confident. The only cost, apart from materials , is to share the cost of hiring the room – so the more the merrier!

Most people there are very experienced and love helping new people to learn informally. You can see from the photographs that they are very skilled in all different forms of carving from beautifully detailed stand-alone pieces of art to useful objects like walking sticks and signposts.
David, an experienced violin maker, says that a piece of lime is a great starter wood as it is easy to work and holds the detail. You can buy it easily from Ebay or Amazon sellers. Other outlets are available like Albion Timber in Sheffield.
During the year there are carving shows in Bakewell, so look out for the dates if you are interested in having a look first.
You are welcome to go and meet the group at any time, however a couple of the members can be contacted by telephone:
Barry 01246 275878 or David 07724 056732