Pat Kerry (Calow Parish Councillor: 1965 – Present Day)

Before the pandemic and the first lockdown in 2020 (how long ago that seems now!) two articles about Pat Kerry's work on the Parish Council over the past 56 years covered his work on the Parish Council, the building and running of Calow Community Centre and the changes that have occurred in Calow during his long service.. We conclude our series with two other aspects of his work as a councillor – boundary reviews and footpaths.

Traditionally, boundaries between parishes were based on streams, fields, hedgerows and tracks. However, as villages grew and developed so did problems with boundaries between parishes, which could be changed by agreement. Arkwright Parish Council and Calow Parish Council negotiated new boundaries based on existing roads: Main Road, Hassocky Lane and Chesterfield Link Road.

When it comes to district boundaries the issues are more complicated as rateable values and grants for government finance are involved. Agreement was reached between North East Derbyshire and Chesterfield District Councils when the former transferred part of the Royal Hospital site and Hathern Close to Chesterfield and the latter transferred part of Tapton Way, the site of the Community Centre and Calow School and twenty properties on Parker Avenue, some of which straddled the boundary and had to pay half rates to both authorities. This agreement had to be legally constituted, accepted by the Boundary Commission and encased in Parliamentary Statute.

Finally, Pat was also involved, along with other Councillors in carrying out a survey of all the public footpaths in the village. All were walked and their condition assessed. In total there are 24 marked and numbered footpaths in our parish covering approximately six miles in total and all shown in a definitive map held by Derbyshire County Council. As a result of the survey, repairs were effected, stiles mended in collaboration with local farmers, hedges cut back and paths reinstated after ploughing. No fewer than 25 metal Public Footpath signs were erected and positioned to improve public access.

With so many different aspects to his service as a Parish Councillor, Pat has played an important role in the life of the village, and in return has found his work on Calow Parish Council interesting and rewarding.

Janet Mort (May 2021)