From a Facebook questionnaire carried out in June 2021, it was clear that there's group of people in the village who would wish to be part of a Calow Community Gardening Project and help promote gardening further to the community.

Responses include ideas for projects around the village of Calow such as:

  • improving existing planters
  • working to find a space to involve local children in gardening
  • providing better community spaces for socialising
  • helping people get the most out of their garden
  • encouraging fruit and vegetable growing
  • planting a community orchard
  • arranging a Wassail (apple festival) in autumn / winter
  • plant and vegetable shows
  • organising workshops and talks

Their reasons for wanting to be involved include:

  1. getting to know more people in their community
  2. making local spaces more beautiful
  3. being involved with something local
  4. having a focussed outdoor activity when sport is out of the question.

We intend to facilitate the setting up of a small Gardening Community Group who will lead the projects. This will be on a membership basis in order to take advantage of the RHS (Royal Horticultural Society) support for small gardening groups. The RHS will support through discounted insurance, access to speakers, advice and guidance and will offer a free trip for up to 55 people to one of their gardens each year. This is a potential springboard to entering Calow in RHS Britain in Bloom.

For this support there is a membership charge running from February to end January each year.

Initially there will be a number of projects developed in and around the village.

  • Planting up to 1000+ perennial bulbs around the village verges and green spaces
  • Workshop for families on creating bug hotels
  • Planting a small community orchard and offering a Wassail with apple pressing as an event (initially for those with apple trees in their existing garden but in subsequent years for the community orchard).

Working with Calow Parish Council we have already requested two small, under-developed sites in the village to be transferred / rented from NEDDC which could be community tended. One of which could form the site of the orchard. Eastwood Park is also owned by the Parish Council and there is encouragement to use the space there more effectively.