Calow Community Gardening Group

Notes from meeting held on Wednesday 21st July at 7pm.

Seven members met and various sites were looked at as to their suitability for adoption and planting.

  1. Area on Church Lane next to St. Peter's Church. Existing planter to be replanted. Permission to be sought to put in a triangular raised wooden area for planting bulbs, wildflowers etc. All future planters to follow this style for continuity around the village.
  2. Area on Top Road, opposite St. Peter's Church, leading onto Old School Lane. If given permission this area could be planted up with colourful shrubs sometime in the future.
  3. Triangular piece of land down Dingle Bank backing onto Old School Lane. This area to be left for time being. Currently very overgrown and would be difficult to develop.
  4. Land between Lawn Villas and Church Street. Permission to be sought ASAP to plant various fruit trees (these could be sponsored by parishioners to commemorate any event). Later development may include wildflower meadow around said trees with mown grass paths.
  5. Grass verge at junction of Top Road and Blacksmith Lane. Permission to be sought to put in a triangular raised wooden area for planting bulbs, wildflowers etc. Existing planters are not suitable for purpose.
  6. Eastwood Park. Existing circular planters to be painted by children at Calow School. Plants to be managed by Anita. Identical circular planters to be sited at opposite end of park near The Little Houses. Two smaller circular planters to be considered either side of entrance path.

Plants, initially bulbs, to be put in at the edge of the park railings. As this is a large area it could be started as strips which could be planted up by schoolchildren and/or sponsored by local businesses.

Other Actions

  • Sue to distribute posters to other members asap for display
  • Anita to oversee maintenance of three planters in the park
  • Sue to approach United Reformed Church as space for future meetings
  • Sue to approach Calow School regarding actions above

Other Information

  • At the Parish Council meeting held Monday, 26th July 2021 it was agreed to try and gain permission for Lawn Villas / Church Street site and grass verges for development by the Gardening Group asap.
  • Parish Council agreed to three identical extra planters to be sited near Little Houses in Eastwood Park but questioned siting of planters near entrance (possible access issue). They further agreed to planting up the border along the park fence.
  • Parish Council would like Gardening Group to consider a further triangular bed at junction of Top Road / Church Lane adjacent to proposed one on St. Peter's side. Accurate measurements need to be taken of the beds before permission may be sought from Derbyshire County Council.
  • Parish Council agreed a provisional budget of £250 to allow the Gardening Group to make immediate start on the areas in Eastwood Park and the planters already in the village.

Can I suggest in light of the above that we hold another meeting this month? Please send me details of dates you CAN'T do in August and I'll try and do a mutually convenient date as soon as possible.



PS We have our own webpage!