Calow Recreation Ground Charity

In 1980 the Coal Board gave Calow Recreation Ground (formerly The Miners' Welfare Ground) into the safe keeping of the village. The Parish Council at that time formed the Charity to look after it and the trustees are the Parish Council - whoever should be serving as Councillors at any time.

A recent review of activity has seen a change in direction for the Charity to support more of the residents in Calow than those who play sport on the Recreation Ground. This has been ratified by the Charity Commission. We do however want to support the formation of groups which promote health and wellbeing in the Parish. We would also welcome active members to the Charity and will be opening it out to all residents.

Although the Charity has an annual deficit and is heavily subsidised by the Parish Council precept, we will offer to help groups to search for funding for their own to set up and for projects using our network of contacts.

If you would like more information about the charity or any ideas please get in touch with the secretary - Kaye Twomlow.

The Charity Committee

Calow Community Gardening Group